Accademia Europea Villa Bossi

BIZZI instruments for research, teaching and concerts

The Accademia Europea Villa Bossi is an innovative structure for a high level teaching which mainly specializes on historical instruments. The Accademia has been created after a project of BIZZI – Historical Keyboard Instruments and counts among its professors some of the most important artists of our days.

The activity of the Accademia is deeply connected with the art of instruments making. In fact, teachers, young artists, students and the various handicraft arts form a unique ensemble of skills and cultures. This shows a new way to further methods of teaching and, at the same time, new sources for the research in the field of construction and restoration.

We would like to make this patrimony known to both professionals and amateurs who operate in this field and therefore we invite them to Villa Bossi to become acquainted with our work.
Since immemorial ages Europe has shown the world the high road in many fields of knowledge and it has been undisputed reference point for the art of music. Even today, by vast portions of the world, Europe is seen as the place where you can find the roots of culture and the inspiration for one's own artistic career.

Today, the Accademia Europea Villa Bossi is committed to design a wide project for those musicians, professors and institutes who are already spending energies in new studies, innovating their methods and teaching historical practice.

In the field of construction, we feel that the great European experience in instruments making should also be transferred into the very manufacturing system, thus gaining efficiency and, in the end, better market prices. This can only be guaranteed by a system where research and construction work side by side and where production principles inspire to the great masters of the past. Like the Ruckers family for instance, or the Stradivarius workshop. There is an interesting exchange between BIZZI and the Accademia.

While BIZZI makes its instruments available to the Accademia, teachers and students give a precious and continuous contribution to experimentation, both in the field of restoration and manufacture.

For this reason the Accademia has also become a research centre where BIZZI runs tests, new sonorities or sound development with the age, as well as new working methods we learn from studying original instruments.

Having with us important musicians is a great privilege indeed, an extraordinary opportunity that we would be happy to share with any person concerned, and also with our colleagues makers of instruments, in order to promote a common growth that will bring advantages to all of us, and above all to the music itself.